How to Integrate Jira and Fairwinds Insights

Fairwinds Insights can connect to Jira in order to create Jira tickets from Action Items. Learn how to set up the integration.


Hello, my name is Grace Gude. I am an engineering manager at Fairwinds, and today I'm going to be showing you how to add the Jira integration into your Insights platform.

You'll begin by navigating to settings, pop over to integrations, and you'll see all the different options for integrations that you can add. You'll see, Jira here, just click add integration, and that will prompt you to authorize the app at Atlassian. Once we authorize and we'll just reload the page here, and you can see that Jira has been installed.

You can learn more about this integration in our documentation, specifically under GitHub and Jira tickets here, and there are ways to manually and automatically create tickets based on action items. One way to do so is just to click over here to action items, click on the action item in question, navigate to this menu and click create ticket, select a project, and that action item ticket has been created.