Action Item: Setting Liveness Probes

Check you have set liveness probes across clusters to ensure reliability with Fairwinds Insights.


Hi, folks, Adam Zahorscak here, demoing how to resolve the liveness probe should be configured action item in Fairwinds Insights.

As you can see, we have a workload that does not have its liveness probes configured. So the kubelet will not well know when it's appropriate to restart this pod if the process were become deadlocked.

We can click on the action item to see more detail, including a description of the problem, references to relevant documentation, remediation steps required, and examples.

In our case, we're going to provide a standard HTTP health check, and we're going to edit the deployment directly in the cluster.

I'll go down to the container spec, find an appropriate area and define the HTTP request we'll be using for the liveness probe, provide a path and a port. We'll also provide the initial delay seconds, which is how long the probe will wait after the container has started before it begins probing. We'll also include a period seconds, which will tell the probe how frequently to probe the container.

We'll restart the deployment to ensure that our changes are applied live in the cluster. Once the deployment's fully restarted, we'll return to Fairwinds Insights and we'll see that the action item is no longer present.

That is how you resolve the Liveness probe should be configured action item in Fairwinds Insights. Thank you.